Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Carefree Timelessness

Over the weekend Ryan and I drove to Chicago to share in carefree timelessness with one of my best friends, Aislinn, and her fiance, Rich. I can't remember exactly where I picked up the phrase "carefree timelessness," but I think it might be from Matthew Kelly. Regardless of its origin, it is a phrase that resonates with me. One of my love languages is Quality Time - and what better way to spend time with someone than allowing it to be free of cares and time restraints?

My expectations were more than exceeded Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. It was like one long lazy Sunday afternoon (with two nights thrown in for good measure). We did just what we wanted to do each moment, with no concern for the time. We also stayed up far past my usual bedtime, in the spirit of timelessness. Most of the weekend we didn't really do anything beyond talking and eating. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up - a good weekend includes much talking and much eating.

For example:
Saturday morning we woke up - whenever we felt like it- and lounged in our pj's for the rest of the morning. Ryan, Aislinn, and I enjoyed a spirited discussion based on Jen's current blog. When we finally did shower and clean up, it wasn't under any time constraint. Aislinn and I had plenty of time to meander and sift through different outfits and decide to put on a little make up. We spent the afternoon in quaint downtown Oak Park - eating a wonderful sushi meal, indulging in Cold Stone ice cream, and catching a flick, Horton Hears a Who, at the downtown movie theatre with a bazillion little kids. Then we came back to Aislinn's adorable studio apartment (I was a bit confused when I first walked in, not grasping the concept of studio, and asking where the bedroom was...) for a nap! Our evening activities included public transportation (which I think I enjoy more than the average person) and an excursion to Howl At The Moon. I had forgotten far removed from the bar scene I was until we actually stepped inside the overly crowded room. But my venture into modern culture fared well, as our little group eventually claimed a table where we enjoyed drinks, good music, and watching those who could not hold their liquor.

I think the best part of our carefree timelessness was spending it on Aislinn's turf, enjoying the place she calls home. I was able to sit back, to let her hostess and organize (something I almost always volunteer to do). I think it's a big deal for a women to be able to hostess and show off her home a little bit, especially as she leaves college and establishes herself in the adult world. Each time I am able to experience another friend's home, I know her a little better than I did before. She gets the chance to share her daily routines and favorite haunts with me. I get the chance to walk with her, on her side of the street.

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